What We Do

Many of the projects and programs NGTEN members are involved with have outcomes or products that can be shared with others.  Some of them are also developed as pilots for geospatial technologies or to promote new programs.   Each GES specializes in the area they select when they entered into the NGTEN program.  Specialists often cross-populate between science and applications, as well as serve multiple state needs.  As a group, NGTEN also responds to areas of interest on the National level in accordance with the needs of the USDA, NOAA, and NASA.
  • Disaster Management and homeland security
  • Animal and Human Health and Disease Prevention
  • Carbon cycle management and carbon sequestration
  • Precision agriculture and agriculture efficiency
  • Business and economic development
  • Conservation management
  • Watershed management
  • Water quality and water management
  • Waste management
  • Land use change issues at the rural-urban fringe
  • Air quality
  • Riparian areas and wetlands
  • Lake and coastal management
  • Forest management and woodland stewardship
  • Management of native prairies and rangeland
  • Invasive species
  • Resource inventory and monitoring

Many specialists have been working towards creating applications and impacts that can serve the public interest.  To that end, certain outputs may be useful for other entities, and to demonstrate how science becomes application.