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NGTEN History

NGTEN was started in 2000 as a program to help NASA, USDA, and NOAA meet their mission objectives to increase utility and programs that utilized spatial technologies and the study of Earth systems.  Arizona, Mississippi and Utah were funded to begin their programs through the NASA Space Grant and Office of Earth Science.  The following states were awarded start-up competitive funding through awards and state initiatives.  Specialists initiated under the program are referred to as Geospatial Extension Specialists (GES) throughout the National Cooperative Extension System.

Programmatic objectives of the GES' are:
  1. Integrate geospatial capabilities, including earth observations, model outputs, systems engineering and GIS/GPS technology into decision support tools and systems employed by federal, tribal, state and local agencies, individual operators and commercial enterprises and the general public;
  2. Implement and supplement education on geospatial technology at K-16 levels;
  3. Enhance the capabilities of the workforce to access and employ geospatial information / technology.